I must admit, I love me some Marvel and so on the debut wknd of Avengers: Infinity War movie we thought that we should keep the good times going. Now I will be the first to tell you that traditionally TV super heroes are whack. However, over the past few years, the super hero series has gained traction. The Netflix/Marvel super hero collaboration is all that we could have asked for. Black Lightning just dropped and this series may be the next best thing next to Black Panther. Lastly Jessica Jones is back on the scene trying to protect those she deems salvageable. Get the rundown on your super hero binge for this wknd.

Black Lightning

If you are a fan of Black Panther then Black Lightning is the series for you. This may be the best superhero series on TV, and that’s coming from a marvel fan. First off, the sound track is 🔥🔥🔥. Beyond that, yo scooter out here serving these N*$$as. At the end of the day Black Lightning is a family story. A black father with two daughters (Bless his heart) is out here trying to change the hood. It isn’t easy but someone’s gatta do it. Black lightning is our top Wknd Binge.

The Runaways

I applaud Hulu for thinking outside the box on this one. Instead of creating just another Marvel spinoff, they licensed the Marvel brand to create an entirely new series. The Runaways has one simple premise. What if you were to find out that your parents are Super Villains? To be fair there, is a lot more to the story but in a nutshell that sums it up. Kids with super powers who are not inherently evil go toe to toe with their parents who are clearly on the opposite side of the law. The first season is entirely bingeable.

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Jessica Jones

Ok we already decided that Jessica Jones is the best Marvel/Netflix series for one simple reason, the villain. In the first season Killgrave is the essence of a super villain. Not only did he strike fear into our Sheroine’s heart but fast forward to season two and the writers have found a villain even more complex that the last. And for that reason Jessica Jones remains at the top of our Marvel/Netflix series must watch list. In the second season, the writers take the villain game to the next level. We are not one to give away any spoilers but let’s jut say that she has come across her ultimate match. Jessica Jones is the best Marvel series hands down, we know we are going to catch some heat for this but there you have it #freejessica.


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