What to watch shows american vandal

Netflix is the biggest streaming giant globally. Sometimes it can be hard to find something good to watch, relax that’s why we are here. We’ve got some recommendations for your binge.

‘American Vandal’ dropped its second season and the Vandal has unleashed the mother of all pranks. Dubbed the “Turd Burglar”, he/she shows no mercy on the entire school. Netflix is also great at introducing us to new comedic talent. ‘The Comedy Lineup’ part 2 has another freshmen class to introduce you to. If you love discovering new comics then this one is for you. Last but not least is the ‘The Dragon Prince’. I binged this entire show with my son in one sitting. It’s a Game of Throne like cartoon that’s totally G-rated, and very entertaining. You’ve got Dragons, Elves and magic. We are going to be long time bingers of this series.

American Vandal Season 2


The Comedy Lineup: Part 2

 The Dragon Prince




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