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How awkward is it traveling with your parents on vacation? Now imagine that there was close to 50 years difference between you and your parents, how much more awkward would that situation get? Well watching 30 year old Jack Whitehall and his 78 year old father travel around the globe together is a hilarious sight to witness. This second season, lives up to the expectations of the first while reminding us that Brits are an entertaining bunch to watch. This latest season follows Jack and his father throughout Eastern Europe retracing a path through World War II territories. Set to be a cultural tour designed by Jack’s father soon gets derailed by the rambunctious comedian.

Wknd Binge Rating: Total Bingegasm 😍

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The Rundown

Jack Whitehall started his stand up comedy career at the age 17. Thus, he never got to take part in the timeless British aristocrat tradition of a gap year in between high school and college, where Brits take a year off to travel the world. The first season of Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father (JWTWMF) is dedicated to Jack’s gap year traveling to the exotic east.

As a good sport Tom Whitehall participates in his son’s lofty endeavors despite his fervent objections. The duo is back for another season and this time it’s all about the Culture and Arts as Tom is has designed the ultimate European education for his unsophisticated son. Their travels are designed to take then through Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Turkey. Following a path of Hitlers advancement through eastern Europe, Father Whitehall is determined to teach Jack the finer perks of civilization.

The comedic timing between Jack and his father is nothing short of hilarious. These two work comedic magic as magnificent as Abbot and Costello or Sonny and Cher. Packaged as a Travel Show, JWTWMF excels at opening your eyes to the places not often traveled by the newb. With expert guides at each site this show provides a bit of history and education along with a hilariously fun time.

Some of my favorites from this season were learning about the destruction at Chernobyl and how many locals and the world did not even find out there was a nuclear explosion until radiation started being detected in France. Also, the beauty of Turkey is remarkable despite how the world news describes it. It’s a magical place with a lot of history and culture. This show may get you to finally start looking for plane tickets for that international travel destination.

With Jack’s career as a comedian nearing its peak we can see that he is still a “silly little boy” as his father suggest. Although, he has established himself as a successful comedian and has starred in several television shows he still finds a need to seek his father’s approval in many regards.

Let’s be real, Tom Whitehall steals the show. He reminds you of your surly great grandfather who was born around the same time they invented the automobile. He’s old and unapologetic. He has little interesting in trying anything new and believes in the finer accoutrements of life. Somehow he gave rise to a spoilt little twit, but he loves him none the less. Things like wine, the opera and a 5-star dinner experience are his ideas of worthwhile traveling.

First can we say how happy we are that Winston is back for the second season and how hilarious it is that he has his own twitter handle. For those of you who don’t know, Winston was a doll the dynamic duo picked up in Thailand that the Father Whitehall has become quite fond of. Jack would argue that Tom loves Winston even more than he loves his biological son. In Tom’s words Winston is the son he always wanted.

Over the course of this season the two train with the Ukrainian Cossacks, travel to the top of a mountain in a blizzard. They appear on stage with the Internationals recognized musical group Sunstroke Project and although seemingly entirely different Jack and his father find away to have some fatherly son bonding despite their huge age differences.

We thoroughly recommend this series. It is a great binge watch and in fact it may even be better than the first. We look forward to the next season of JWTWMF.


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