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Netflix has an established partnership with the BBC thus allowing loyal Netflix viewers the ability to stream full seasons of some of the BBC’s most popular shows like ‘Luther’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’, ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘The Fall’. Thankfully this partnership now brings us ‘Bodyguard’, the UK’s #1 TV show. This Netflix series more than lives up to the hype and may very well be the best show on Netflix.

Wknd Binge Rating: Total Bingegasm 😍

‘Bodyguard’ stars Richard Madden, Game of Thrones Rob Stark, as Specialist Protection Officer PS David Budd. Assigned to protect Home Secretary Julia Montague who possesses a radical political stance and faces a litany of death threats on her life. A rash of terroristic bomb threats across the city has thrown London into a state of political unrest while various political factions vie for power.

 Netflix’s Bodyguard is masterfully written and brilliantly executed. As the series progresses you can feel your heartbeat pause in moments of nervous delight. Richard Madden is captivating to watch as SPO David Budd, a former military veteran struggling to cope with PTSD while carrying out his protection duties.

If you know anything about the Brits, this show touches on all tenants of hit British television which include political scandal, sex, immigration, terrorism and danger. To that effect, this show demands that you binge watch it in its entirety. By the end of the first episode I felt that I had watched an entire feature length film. By the end of the series, I was begging for a cigarette to reflect on the cinematic climax that this series provided.

The mastery of the writing involved with this script shun through like a beacon. You know it’s a great show when you actually believe that the main character (who’s is apart of the title) is about to die, on four separate occasions none the less. We found David Budd in unpredictable, impossible situations time and time again. As a viewer you almost want his pain to be over as much as he does. Like any great conspiracy series, Bodyguard flaunts the fact that what you think you know is in fact a mirage.

Keeley Hawes (Julia Montague) is perfect as the hard charging home secretary seeking to root out terrorism with fascist idealistic policies. Her forceful stance against the immigrant class reflects the real world temperament currently at play for such policies. David Budd is caught in the middle of a bureaucratic battle for dominance between rival factions of the British government. It becomes evident that trust is fatal when the entire world may be against you.

David Budd embodies all of the positive aspects of a well scripted main character. When he hurts you hurt. When he is lost you seek answers. When it feels as though he is about to die you prematurely mourn the loss. Most female fans will delight on the eye candy that is Richard Madden but one must also respect his craft. Bodyguard paints David as sad and vulnerable in a way that only magnifies his appeal as a father and husband coping to struggle with the weight of the world on his shoulders while his life is literally falling apart.

Fans will immediately beg for the second season. However, Bodyguard is one of those shows that stand perfectly as a single season. This is one of the hidden strengths of BBC programming often reflected in hit shows like Luther and Sherlock Holmes. At the end of Bodyguard the entire story is neatly wrapped to its completion making it a must watch for any fan of conspiracy cinema.

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