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In what is likely it’s last season on Netflix, The Punisher went out with a bang💥 as arguably one of the best seasons for a Marvel Superhero. What makes Punisher so awesome is that technically he is just a regular guy but is just a total bad ass. His only superpower may be that he is unkillable. Not invincible but unkillable. This season showed us that Frank Castle gives zero fcuks about being cancelled, being nice or seeking the limelight. Castle is just here to kick ass and take names and I’m HERE FOR IT!!!

“Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) is basically the new Chuck Norris. “

WKND BINGE Rating: Total Bingegasm 😍

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The Run Down (Spoiler Alert)

The second season of Marvel’s The Punisher was a total bloody kick ass fest. Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) is basically the new Chuck Norris. The first couple episodes were slow and had kind of like a “Renegade” (90s TV Show) vibe. As it appears, Castle is wondering from town to town trying to lay low and just avoid the drama. Then through no fault of his own the shit hits the proverbial fan and he finds himself in the middle of a Billionaire dick swinging contest. The dead bodies pile up in search of a young girl who knows too, much played by Giorgia Whigham. Of course Castle is at the wrong place at the wrong time for the rescue.

What makes this season of Punisher especially kick-ass are the two unrelated Villains. Castle is forced to do double duty while fighting a war on two fronts. While he focuses on one villain the other is plotting against him.

Villain number one marks the return of Frank Castle’s former frenemy and the reason he became the Punisher, Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). The apex of their last fight left Billy Bloody with a mangled face, left to live out his life in prison. While FBI agent Madani was shot in the head and left for dead. Here is the kicker, that epic fight between Castle and Russo from season one knocked all the memories straight out of Russo’s head. Now Billy is left with the instincts of a ruthless murderer but somehow thinks he’s a good guy with bad luck. Leaving Castle to wonder if he should have finished the Job the first time.


Josh Stuart plays villain number 2, John Pilgrim, who appears to be just as unkillable as Frank Castle. Pilgrim, is a deadly religious zealot serving at the behest of his masters. Stuart’s performance is EPIC! He’s mysterious, deadly and just as much a bad-ass as Castle. This sets the stage for the ultimate showdown between Castle and Pilgrim. We get to find out what happens when and unstoppable object meets an immovable force. The short answer is gripping TV!


Several of the regulars return from season one including agent Madani (Amber Rose Revah) and Curtis (Jason R. Moore). Madani is trying to recover from the betrayal and trauma Russo inflicted upon her. Meanwhile, Curtis is the lone voice of reason between his two former brothers in arms, Castle and Russo. At the same time he’s just trying to maintain a normal life. Notably absent from season one was Micro.

“You know a villain has captured your interest when you are not 100% sure the hero can beat him”

Favorite Character:

This was a tough one, I loved most of the character in this season. They were each complex with a depth of character not often translated on the small screen. I often gravitate more toward the villain in hero shows mainly because a great villain makes or breaks the show, like Killgrave in Jessica Jones, or King Pin in Daredevil. In this series my favorite character would have to be a tie between Castle and Pilgrim.

Jon Bernthal’s Castle is as complex a hero we have in the marvel universe. The only others that can probably compare are Deadpool and Wolverine. Castle will never find happiness, the loss of his family has forever changed him. Yet somehow he has built a wall of friendship around him that is as close to family gets. His moral compass also makes him endearing even when he’s smashing some guy’s face in.


Pilgrim is one of the better villains to come across the Marvel Netflix series. You know a villain has captured your interest when you are not 100% sure the hero can beat him, even though you know he must. The way they parse out Pilgrim’s past providing little bits of information at a time build the intrigue and mystique around his character is brilliant. It’s the perfect slow reveal. And like an onion you realize he has complex layers.

The ending for this series was pretty epic. Not to give it away but Castle is not your average superhero. He doesn’t beat around the bush. When a villain wants to do a 5 minute monologue he’s not having it. What we learn at the end of the day is that The Punisher is just going to keep punishing. As most other Marvel Netflix shows have already been cancelled we expect this may be the last season of Jon Bernthal’s Punisher on Netflix although no offical word has been given. Let’s hope Disney revives the series for their own streaming service.

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