amanda seals I be knowin
Amanda Seals - I Be Knowin

Many know her as the Saditty Tiffany Dubois in the Issa Rae hit show ‘Insecure’. Others know her as the social media maven who always speaks her mind and provides a refreshing time out from the harsh reality of 2019. In her debut HBO special ‘I Be Knowin’ Amanda Seals has something special for especially the ladies. Sista Soulja Amanda serves up some primo laughs dishing on everything from the Black National Anthem to having to MacGyver make shift maxi pads out of CVS receipts.

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Amanda pokes fun at everything from her dating life to the racially divisive working culture. You might walk away from this special learning some things you didn’t know about the culture. If you’re black do study before you take this test or your card gonna get revoked. If you are non-black, don’t be alarmed, no Caucasians were harmed in the making of this special, just sit back and enjoy the show.

This HBO special is basically an homage to all the Ladies. Amanda Seals is not ashamed to embrace the color of her skin exalting its true power from the mountain tops. Whether she is racially stranded on an airplane flight or getting cat called on the streets of New York City ‘She Be Knowin’ .

Amanda Seals style and delivery is a lot more Michelle Obama than Tiffany Haddish. Don’t get it twisted, Amanda Seals is not above using the word Nigga, in fact if you are a bit squeamish about race relations then leave now because this is not the comedy special for you. Seals lives up to Tiffany DuBois moniker often belting out words that you think you may have heard but have no idea what they mean. Add to that some of her favorite words are entirely made up, one of her favorites “Caucatious”. We may need an Amanda Seals dictionary before the next comedy special just so that all viewers can all follow along equally.

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In the end Amanda Seals is all about that positive Black Queen message, a true Beyonce Akolyte. One of her marquee lines from the comedy special recites “It doesn’t take anything from you to big another woman up,” expressing that the feminine culture can often become divisive and self-deprecating. In all, Amanda Seals HBO special is the perfect girls night in.  Here are some of the fan reactions from the special!


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