Westworld Season 3 - HBO

At the 2019 San Diego Comic-con HBO dropped the Season 3 trailer for Westworld. Fans were left with a whole lot of questions including when should we expect to see the riveting drama return. Well on Sunday HBO released the details for the season premier with only 2 months to wait. The bad news is that the new season is 2 MONTHS AWAY!!!

We can expect some major changes in the Westworld Universe for the new season. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul joins the cast for the much anticipated new season. Returning from season 2 of the original cast is Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), Charlotte Hale’s (Tessa Thompson) and The Man in Black (Ed Harris) .

HBO’s date announcement suggest that we may be in for an entirely new world. We also may finally get some answers on the world that gave birth to Westworld. We will have to wait to get more details but it is safe to say the mystery will continue until March 15th when the new season airs.


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