The Outsider, Jason Bateman
HBO - The Outsider

The premise is simple for HBO’s Stephen King Murder Mystery-Drama. Within the first few minutes you learn the simple enough premise of the show. A child has been found dead in a small Georgia town. The Mystery comes in the form of “Who done it”. Within 15 minutes of the first episode all of the evidence points to Jason Bateman. As the coach of the local little league baseball team his arrest rocks the small town as he is now a suspected child murderer. Even though the evidence points to a slam dunk case against Bateman, something just doesn’t add up. In true Stephen King fashion what you think is real can be totally misleading.

This series feels right at home on HBO. ‘The Outsider’ comes across as part ‘The Night Of’ part ‘True Detective’. Ben Mendelsohn from Bloodline plays the veteran detective tasked with bringing Jason Bateman in while dealing with his own baggage. From the trailers we can tell that Cynthia Erivo (Harriett) is set to play a prominent role in the series but she is largely absent from the first two episodes.

‘The Outsider’, based on Stephen King’s novel by the same name, further solidifies Stephen King’s knack for delivering a complex mystery wrapped in layers of jaw dropping plot twists with a subtle supernatural undertone. We can already tell that this series is going to be addictive and we expect that will continue as the series progresses.


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